Factorydesign works on business seat for SAS long-haul

Factorydesign has worked on the design of a new business class seat for Scandinavian Airlines, which is overhauling the cabin design of its long-haul fleet.

Vantage XL by Factory Design

The consultancy was brought in to the project as a design partner to Thompson Aero Seating to help engineer and design the Vantage XL business seat.

Thompson engineered the seat and Factory designed its 3D form, working closely with Scandinavian Airlines – also known as SAS – on the trim and finish.

Factorydesign says the new seat supports the in-flight passenger experience to communicate the SAS brand values.

Vantage XL by Factory Design

The seat offers ‘direct aisle access’ for all passengers and has been designed to enable future customisation according to Factory.

It can be folded flat and the bedding has been designed by Hästens, the oldest bed manufacturer in Sweden.

Vantage XL by Factory Design

A roll-out will begin early in 2015 and it is expected that most of the long-haul fleet will have been upgraded within twelve months.

Elsewhere in the cabin, and across other seat classes, SAS says materials and colour schemes have been chosen to create what it calls ‘a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.’

WiFi and a new on-demand entertainment system with high definition large screens is being rolled out.

There are also new seats in SAS Go and SAS Plus classes, which have been designed with greater space and storage in mind.

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