Fitch opens Paris office with Ampersand

Fitch has opened an office in Paris with its digital partner Ampersand under the Fitch Paris banner as it looks to establish a presence in France for the first time in its 42-year history.

David Blair, FITCH Managing Director, EMEA
David Blair, FITCH Managing Director, EMEA

David Blair, managing director EMEA Fitch, says the consultancy has been attracted by the idea that ‘French brands and retailers are some of the biggest and best in the world.’

Fitch is looking to ‘consolidate its digital offer’ and as such has appointed two people to head up the office, studio director Cécile Gradeck and digital design director Guillaume Choupas.

Ampersand founder and director Alex Macleod will lead on digital integration from Fitch’s London studio.

He says, ‘The relationship between Ampersand and Fitch is a great fit for us both, there’s very little crossover between us but a tremendous similarity in our approach.’

Ampersand works alongside Fitch from the Fitch London office and the two have formed a ‘strategic partnership’ according to Blair who says Ampersand ‘already has a small presence in France’.

The Paris office will initially consist of ‘a handful of staff’ and operate as a satellite of the London office ‘with the intention to develop the market’ according to Blair who says Fitch will be working ‘hand in hand’ with Ampersand.

Blair says, ‘We’ll be looking at ways to develop the business. One option would be organically as a satellite of London, or by making acquisitions in France to fast track things, or making strategic hires.’

Fitch hasn’t worked with many French clients in the past according to Blair who says, ‘There is a huge opportunity, particularly for retail, FMCG and automotive brands.’

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