How to master nonsense in a foreign language

‘Join me on my spaceship for cocktails,’ sounds joyful and ludicrous in whatever language you might chose to communicate it in.

Made by Many's Much Phrases

You can learn such phrases in the new audio Much Phrases app designed by Made by Many, which specifically teaches fun expressions in French, Spanish and Norwegian.

Should you find yourself in Norway you might want to drop in, ‘Jeg kjøpte disse skoene av en trollman’, or to you and I, ‘I bought these shoes from a wizard.’

Made by Many's Much Phrases

‘Finally you can be interesting abroad’, is the strapline to Much Phrases, which may have been a helpful companion when I was on holiday in Barcelona last week where I could have said, ‘Hagámonos pasar por astronautas borrachos,’ or ‘Let’s pretend we’re drunk astronauts’.

Made by Many's Much Phrases

Much Phrases is a self initiated project by Made by Many which has also been dabbling with Is The Toilet Free, another app, which works out if there’s someone in the loo at work. Deliberately daft, unintentionally Orwellian (you’ll never need to unnecessarily leave your desk again), and ultimately rather fun.

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