Sculpture in the City – featuring death metal…

While no band would like to be pigeonholed or put in a box, death metal band Unfathomable Ruination will be doing literally that when they play a gig within a small sealed cube, until their oxygen runs out.

Sculpture in The City
Sculpture in The City

The stunt is part of Sculpture In The City, which sees art and design pieces appear around The Square Mile in public places.

Box Sized Die, as the aforementioned installation has appropriately been called, will sit at the foot of the Gherkin where aghast office workers can see the band enter, before the 2m square chamber is hermetically sealed and sound proofed meaning the duration of the performance is entirely variable, determined by and restricted to the length of time that oxygen is expended.

This murderous contraption has been designed and conceived by Portuguese artist João Onofre.

Although you’ll be able to see the box vibrate you won’t really know what’s going on inside, giving the piece a wonderfully kinetic and audible potential that nobody but the band will really truly experience.

There are lots of other names involved too, including Peter Randall-Page, Antony Gormley, Jim Lambie and Richard Wentworth.

Sculpture in The City runs from 3 July – May 2015 at multiple locations.

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