The Age of Enlightenment

A new exhibition in Barnsley, Enlightened, is looking to match the minds of designers with the expertise of laser cutting and engraving specialists to see what might be possible.

Enlightened identity designed by Kyle Wilkinson and created by DMSQD
Enlightened identity designed by Kyle Wilkinson and created by DMSQD

Illustrators including Ben the Illustrator, Radim Malinic, Megamunden and Gordon Reid join designers, infographic specialists, jewelry designers and other creatives who have teamed up with laser cutting experts from Cutting Technologies.

Creative director of consultancy DMSQD Kyle Wilkinson co-founded the exhibition with Cutting Technologies.

Wilkinson says the idea is to raise the profile of laser cutting ‘to show what is possible and to let designers’ imaginations become a playground.’

Wilkinson, who last year designed the pictured Phaeton Chair, which was nominated for a 2013 Best Furniture Design award, is this year designing another chair – an outdoor rocking chair, made out of Corten, the material Anthony Gormley often uses in his sculptures.

Kyle Wilkinson Phaeton Chair (2013)
Kyle Wilkinson Phaeton Chair (2013)

‘I’m currently trying to get it wet and dry as much as possible to speed up the rust process,’ says Wilkinson.

Many of the pieces are still being made so there are no images at the moment but Wilkinson says Ben The illustrator has designed an illustrative pattern featuring birds and trees that will be created from metal.

Megamunden has illustrated a tattoo design, which will be laser cut onto an undecided material in a process which is expected to take 30 hours.

I Love Dust has designed an ambitious 3D illustration, which will be composed from different materials layered on top of each other.

Gordon Reid’s illustration will be reproduced as a 3D light box sculpture, which can be wall hung.  

Enlightened will run from 18 July – 25 August at The Civic Gallery, Hanson St, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2HZ

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