Echo creates new No Vac brand

Echo Brand Design has created new branding for WD40 carpet freshener No Vac, part of the 1001 master brand.

The consultancy was appointed directly to the job in July 2007 on the strength of previous work carried out for WD40, according to Echo managing director Nick Dormon.

The rebrand comes as the formula of the product has been changed, and Dormon says the intention was to ‘take on the aesthetics of lifestyle products, as opposed to functional products’.

Dormon adds that the previous identity, which was very floral, implied that the product masked odours, and has been replaced by an identity that promotes the gentle efficacy of No Vac.

The packaging features a clean, white background colour, and soft-edged ‘zone of fragrance’ graphics on each individual variant.

The 1001 mark retains its prominence on the pack to confirm the product’s relationship with its masterbrand.

Dormon says, ‘This brand redesign has been about repositioning No Vac away from the category of a tough, under-the-sink household product for which 1001 is famous, and building its presence in the category of home-freshening solutions.

‘This required softer, cleaner visual cues which would also give the packs clear standout and differentiation in this category.’

David Whittome, No Vac head of UK marketing, says, ‘Echo has shown great insight in terms of understanding the real issues we faced when approaching our brand design.

‘Their strategic thinking behind the design work added real value, resulting in a number of high-quality routes that we were able to research confidently with consumers and ultimately deliver to market.’

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