Heatherwick, Arad and Kaplicky in Design Museum show

New commissions by Thomas Heatherwick, Ron Arad, Paul Smith and Industrial Facility will go on show this summer as part of the Design Museum’s Super Contemporary exhibition.

The show, which runs from 3 June to 4 October, will also feature early iterations of an unfinished commission by architect Jan Kaplicky, who died in January.

Super Contemporary, which is being designed by Martino Gamper with graphics by Biblioteque, aims to celebrate and showcase London designs of the past, present and future.

A total of 12 new works have been commissioned for the show, and it is hoped that three of them will be built and installed around the capital.

The exhibition will also feature a collection of personal maps, which will outline the creative networks in the capital, and chart key events such as the development of Richard Rogers’ Lloyds Building and Katherine Hamnett’s ‘58% Don’t Want Pershing’ T-shirt.

Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum, says, ‘There is no London style, it’s the city in which designers can be themselves.

‘It’s where art and fashion, architecture and design mix with combustible results. And this is the moment to look at what makes London special and what lies in store.’

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