I Wish I Worked There….

If the thought of sitting at your desk in a grey cubicle, with piles of work mounting in your inbox, leaves you uninspired, here’s an idea: strategically place I Wish I Worked There – a book by designer Kursty Groves and illustrator Will Knight – on your boss’ desk.

I Wish I Worked There by Kursty Groves and Will Knight

Some businesses have cracked the art of creating innovative work spaces, it appears. Imagine hanging out on bean bags, eating your lunch while a Tyrannosaurus Rex looms over you, having a brainstorming session in an expedition igloo, or debating, whether you should take the stairs or, er, the slide….

Groves and Knight spent 18 months looking behind the scenes of 20 famous brands including Innocent, Virgin, Lego and Urban Outfitters, that have placed creativity at the heart of their working culture. ‘We decided to go for known brands as opposed to design consultancies, as they are expected to be creative,’ explains Groves.

Google - breakout - sitting on bean bags/ t-rex

Source: Kursty Groves

Google pays attention to its employees’ wellfare, by spending money on sculptures that inspire and make people think, for example, dinosaurs and space ships.

Bloomberg - curved escalator

Source: Edward Denison

A curved escalator provides a slow-motion descent at Bloomberg, the world’s leading financial news and data company, giving staff a break from the high-speed information whizzing in and out of the office.

Source: Edward Denison

Not all offices rely on open-planned spaces. The Oakley headquarters in Southern California – a towering grey fortress – challenges its competitors, ‘Come in if you dare’. Its function is to provide protection for its ideas.

I Wish I  Work There by Kursty Groves with Will Knight, and photography from  Edward Denison, is published by John Wiley & Sons, £39.99, from 8 March.

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