The logo is dead, says Someone’s Simon Manchipp

Someone founder and creative director Simon Manchipp has declared that the logo is dead.

Writing in the forthcoming issue of Design Week, Manchipp says, ‘Logos are a hangover from another time. They need to be shaken off. Moved away from. De-focused.’

Manchipp attributes the logo’s decreasing importance to popular opinion that they are a waste of money and are unnecessary to sell products. He says, ‘Logos are just seen as decoration.’

He also claims that the public are suspicious of new logos, especially ones that fail to communicate the product directly and need an explanation.

Instead of focusing heavily on logos, Manchipp encourages designers to develop brand worlds, which can be instantly recognised even without a logo.

He says, ‘They distinguish a product or service more completely, more deeply than any one-dimensional clipart could ever hope to do.’

To read more, see tomorrow’s issue of Design Week, dated 1 April.

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    Great Point of View.

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