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It’s amazing how fickle design groups can be. When times are good, they want to crow about their success. But when the chips are down, while they may draw together for warm – especially if it involves a bar – they are loath to share their misfortunes in any formal manner.

That is what we’ve found with entrants to this year’s Design Week Top 100 Consultancy Survey – or, rather, the shortage of annual stalwarts.

You’d have thought that every one of those groups declining to enter this year ‘for business reasons’ was the only one who’d gone through the deepest recession in the collective memory of an industry that’s only been in business for a few decades. Don’t they realise that everyone’s suffered and that a downturn in work and fees is reflected in most groups’ figures?

It’s time for design to be out and proud, we reckon – things can only get better from this point – so we’re issuing a final call for entries. If you’re a seasoned player you should rise above the hardships of the past 12 months, and if you’re one of the many start ups that have set up over the past year or so, here’s your chance to sparkle.

To request the form email now. We’ll give you till 12 April to enter.

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