Blacksheep creates interiors for restaurant and wine store

Blacksheep is working on interiors for Galoupet, a new restaurant and wine store for the owners of the Chateau du Galoupet French vineyard in London’s Knightsbridge.


The consultancy was approached by the client for the project in summer 2010 on the strength of its previous work, and began work in October 2010.

Blacksheep co-founder Tim Mutton says, ‘[The client] was looking to do something quite new to the market. It’s paying homage to food and drink as being the hero, and looking to create an all-day atmosphere.’

Blacksheep will use a colour palette of off-whites, silvers and golds, aiming to create a ‘subtle retail atmosphere’ in which to showcase the wines on sale.

Mutton says, ‘We’re keeping it very simple and classic with some nice traditional detailing. We used a lot of honest materials like timber.’

He adds, ‘The French always have a certain element of philosophy behind what they do – it’s about understanding the products, then you go in to design the space from that.’

Galoupet will open in May.

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