Design Commission launches education investigation

The Design Commission is launching an investigation into design education, which will examine its importance to economic growth, public-service renewal and wellbeing.

The Design Commission, which was set up earlier this year, is a standing body comprising politicians and design industry representatives which aims to examine obstacles and opportunities in design.

The education inquiry is being led by Vicky Pryce, senior managing director of economics at FTI Consulting, and supported by a steering group featuring Baroness Janet Whitaker, Sir George Cox, Jeremy Myerson and Dick Powell.

Design Commission manager Jocelyn Bailey says the inquiry is currently at research stage ahead of a steering group meeting at the end of the month. Following that there will be a call for evidence from the design industry and other stakeholders.

The aim is for the investigation to report ahead of Parliament’s summer recess.

Pryce says, ‘I’m delighted to be chairing this inquiry at such a pivotal moment for higher education: getting it right is critical for securing the UK’s economic future.’

She adds, ‘Many are concerned that, if less priority is indeed being given to design, this could damage the UK’s ability to profit from its strengths in science and technology, as well as undermining business and industry more widely. This inquiry will test whether that is really the case.’

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