Future Brand creates ‘export icon’ for Peru

Future Brand has created a new brand for South American country Peru, designing an identity that will be principally used as a trade icon on exported goods.


The consultancy was appointed in 2009 by Peru’s tourism ministry and promotional agency Prom Peru.

The typographic identity has been created with a spiral letter ‘P’, which references the Peruvian archeological sites Caral and Moray.

A new font Bree Peru has been created by consultancy Type Together, which was commissioned by Future Brand for the project.

The word Peru alone has been chosen as ‘it is uniquely short for a country name, it has a universal pronunciation, and the accent mark over the letter ‘U’ stands out’, according to Future Brand.

Red will be the predominant colour and blue, green, yellow and purple make up the rest of the palette.

From 26 April the brand will be used within Peru as part of a campaign. It will also be seen on exported goods. Tourism minister Eduardo Ferreyros Kuppers says, ‘There will be a simple process for companies that want to use the brand.’

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