Neri & Hu to put ‘low key-luxury’ on the menu

Shanghai-based design consultancy Neri & Hu is creating the ‘low-key luxury’ interiors of Jason Atherton’s new restaurant, Pollen Street Social, in London’s Mayfair.

The consultancy, which has also designed all collateral for the restaurant, was appointed for the project about a year ago.

Neri & Hu co-founder Lyndon Neri says, ‘I love food and [Atherton] loves design, so it made it very easy.’ He adds, ‘The initial idea was extremely conceptual and abstract – we didn’t just want another decorative experience, as frankly there are plenty of them.

‘The brief was very simple: we wanted it to be spacial and interesting – when you come in you feel like you’re checking in to a very special place.’

On arrival, guests will check their belongings into one of 64 bronze ‘mailboxes’. The space will use natural materials including oak and natural brick. Much of the furniture is custom built.

Neri explains, ‘The food’s all about natural ingredients, so we used natural materials that wear over time. It’s very sensitive to the historical Mayfair location.’

Atherton says, ‘Pollen Street Social is my chance to create exactly the sort of restaurant I would love to eat, drink and socialise at.’

Pollen Street Social will open on 18 April.

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