RMS develops campaign to tackle Somali piracy

Cheshire-based consultancy RMS has created a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the plight of seafarers taken hostage by Somali pirates.

RMS says the Save Our Seafarers campaign aims to overturn ‘the romantic images people have about pirates’.

The consultancy has developed a name, branding, print campaign and website for a consortium of five shipping organisations. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the cost of piracy and to encourage people to lobby governments to take action and change maritime laws.

RMS managing director Ruth Shearn says the consultancy was appointed after presenting proposals at the end of last year. She says challenges involved creating a domain name that hadn’t already been registered, as well as sourcing a Somali model and a real AK47 rifle for the photoshoot.

Shearn says, ‘It is crucial we do away with the romantic images people have about pirates. Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the charming Captain Jack Sparrow could not be further from the truth.

‘In reality pirates are violent, unscrupulous and immoral individuals who kidnap, torture and sometimes kill their captives, while demanding millions of dollars for their release.’

The campaign launched this week, and Shearn says there are plans to develop its social media aspects and to create a viral film.

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