Urban Salon designs British Library exhibition

Urban Salon is designing the British Library’s Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination exhibition and will work with graphic designer John Morgan Studio to realise the project.

The consultancies have just been appointed in a joint creative pitch. 

Opening in November 2011, the exhibition will feature the British Library’s Royal Collection, which includes manuscripts collected by the kings and queens of England from the ninth to the 16th centuries.

‘It’s a precious part of their collection,’ says Urban Salon managing director Caroline Keppel-Palmer, who adds, ‘The challenge is how we highlight exquisite detail.’

Keppel-Palmer says she will work to ‘communicate the manuscripts’ genius and hidden meaning to the public’.

Details of the creative proposal are subject to final approval from the British Library. Keppel-Palmer says the exhibition is likely to be ‘object heavy’, featuring graphics.

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