A Swissted take on album art

Taking the stance that everything looks better through a Swiss Modernist lens, Mike Joyce of consultancy Stereotype has reappraised classic gig poster art of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Swissted: The Clash

Swissted is a new book containing some 200 examples of Joyce’s redesigns. Like a Swiss timepiece the project is both accurate and cuckoo in its attempt to re-imagine posters spanning 30 years with a uniformed ubiquity.

Swissted: Bikini Kill

Out with photography and recognisable band logos, in with something resembling International Typographic Style, or Swiss Style type married with shapes and patterns set in carefully bled colours. It’s all very 1950s and it’s all very Swiss.

Swissted: The Cramps

Everything is microperforated, so the pages are ready to be pulled out and framed, but you might well chose to keep them bundled up in this book.

Swissted: Bad Brains

Joyce, who lives in New York, has worked on official album packaging for artists including Iggy Pop, Katy Perry, The Lemonheads and Aretha Franklin.

Swissted: David Bowie

Swissted is a personal project, and the book collection follows a study of Swiss Modern treatments of flyers and posters.

Swissted: Pixies

Swissted: Vintage Rock Posters Remixed and Reimagined is available from 28 March, and is published by Quirk, priced £32.50 

Swissted: Radiohead
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