Assembly designs new look for children’s brand Carousel

Assembly has created the look for Carousel, a new online children’s brand which launched this week.

Carousel logo
Carousel logo

Commissioned directly just over a year ago by Carousel’s owner, Charlotte Saye, the London based consultancy was tasked with defining the brand, from the broad creative and strategic direction, to the creation of its identity.

Carousel is an online store, which sells toys, party-bag paraphernalia, fancy dress outfits and stylish paper tableware for children’s parties.

Carousel press cards
Carousel press cards

Peter Hughes, creative director of Assembly explains that the parents buying the products were behind the consultancy’s inspiration. ‘It’s not for kids – it’s for the adults that buy the products’, he says.

‘We wanted Carousel to be a store that contemporary women would be interested in. A brand for a fashion conscious mother. Rather like Kid’s Wear magazine.’

A handwritten typeface in ‘Arsenal White’ sits alongside the more classic Courier New, Georgia and Gotham typefaces.

Carousel stickers
Carousel stickers

A handwritten version of the Carousel identity has also been created and a suite of cartoon-inspired cloud and moustache shaped icons.

Hughes says, ‘We were tasked with creating a new business for a mass market, but as though it actually had a niche audience.’ 


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