Brandimage creates InterRent identity

French consultancy Brandimage has created the identity for InterRent, a new low-cost car-hire brand from Europcar.

InterRent identity

InterRent is launching in the UK, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain, and will have 44 stations and a 6000-vehicle fleet by next month.

Brandimage has developed an identity based around a series of pictograms related to the brand’s offer. The main identity is a representation of a car, while further pictograms represent services such as vehicle pick-up and return.


The consultancy says it has developed bespoke typography based around ‘simplicity, confidence, accessibility and roundness’.

It says it has aimed to develop a ‘pure and cheerful colour and a singular brand system’.

InterRent is initially opening near airport and railway stations, and says it aims to double its number of outlets and expand beyond Europe next year.

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