‘Caring’ new brand for fashion distributor and Gucci-owner PPR

Dragon Rouge and Havas Lifestyle have rebranded French fashion holding company PPR, renaming it Kering – pronounced ‘caring’.

Kering logo
Kering logo

PPR, which owns brands including Gucci and Puma, is a multinational holding company that works with a brand portfolio split across four divisions  – luxury, sport & lifestyle divisions and retail brands. Other brands it works with include Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

The new identity has been brought in to reflect the group’s new focus on European distribution activities, and the new name will come into effect in June this year, following approval at the group’s annual general meeting.

François-Henri Pinault, PPR chairman and chief executive, says, ‘Changing our identity is the logical and necessary outcome of the Group’s transformation. More than just the change in scope or activity that this new name reflects, it expresses the Group’s new identity and our corporate culture’.

Dragon Rouge was responsible for creating the brand strategy and new signature, while Havas Lifestyle created the name, visual identity and will create the new website.

Kering owl
Kering owl

The new visual identity uses sans-serif typography and an owl emblem, which looks to represent vision and wisdom, according to PPR. It says, ‘[The owl is] positioned so that its open wings appear to be lifting into the boundless realms of imagination. A moment in flight, to illustrate Kering’s lively minds and ability to anticipate trends.’

It adds, ‘Drawn with a single line, thick and thin, to embody our constant drive to excel ourselves, the Kering emblem has perfect symmetry to underscore the synergies needed to achieve our mission.

‘The bird’s smiling eyes denote foresight, wisdom and intelligence. Finally, the owl’s face is framed by a heart to represent the attention, caring and respect that epitomise Kering’s human values.’

The colour palette for the new identity is based on a range of shades within four colour sets, described by PPR as ‘sunsets, azures, jades and fiery’.

Kering identity colour palette
Kering identity colour palette

The new name aims to express the group’s ‘culture of taking care of our brands, people, stakeholders and the environment’, says PPR. It is derived from ‘Ker’, meaning ‘home’ in Breton, reflecting the brand’s origins in Brittany, France; and the ‘ing’ suffix reflects ‘expresses the idea of movement’, says the brand.

Kering materials, featuring the new signature
Kering materials, featuring the new signature

The new signature strapline ‘Empowering Imagination’ will also be introduced. Christian de Bergh, managing director of Dragon Rouge, ‘We worked with PPR on the central idea that was to set the tone for the new brand
platform. “Empowering imagination” emerged quite quickly after a series of interviews conducted inside and outside the Group.’

Louise Beveridge, senior vice president of corporate communications at Kering, says, ‘We wanted a communications plan that would be both global, reflecting the new character of the Group, and digital, consistent with its strategy’.

Kering naming announcement
Kering naming announcement
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