Elmwood appoints David Godber as group chief executive

Elmwood has appointed former Design Council deputy chief executive David Godber to the new role of group chief executive.

David Godber
David Godber

The role will see Godber working with Elmwood’s global leadership teams across its six offices in London, Leeds, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Melbourne. Part of his remit will be to share the workload of Elmwood chairman Jonathan Sands.

Godber says, ‘It’s got to a point where [Elmwood] is now so big that it’s not possible for one person to do that many air miles. [Sands] has been spending a lot of time on flights and in hotel rooms so we’re looking to share that role. It’s about additional and complementary business experience.’

Godber will be based in the London office, though he says that since starting the role last month he’s spent time in the New York and Leeds offices, including a stint on reception ‘trying to get under the skin of the business and its culture.’

He says he will oversee ‘key accounts and clients’, looking at ‘future trends and insight though the brand insight team’.

He adds, ‘There’s an amazingly talented team here – we’re really proud of what’s already in place in terms of global footprint as an independent, so I’m really pleased with all that.

‘What’s going to drive us forward is focus and putting our customers first.’

 Godber left his role at the Design Council in 2010, joining Danish renewables company Vestas A/S as a chief advisor.

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