Elmwood creates Heck sausages brand for Debbie & Andrew’s founders

Elmwood has created the look for Heck, a new brand of British sausages from the founders of Debbie & Andrew’s sausages, whose family saying ‘What the heck’ has inspired the name.


The Leeds based consultancy has worked on every element of the new brand, with family business owners Debbie and Andrew Keeble, from the name through to the packaging, website and all point-of-sale materials.

Elmwood says, ‘As a small, independent producer, they are able to say ‘What the Heck’ to big business and stay true to their own recipes, ideas and integrity’. 

Heck sausages is a new venture for the Keeble family, who are well known for their first brand of sausages, Debbie & Andrew’s, which launched in 1999, though has since been sold to Dutch meat producers Vion. 

Heck sausages
Heck sausages

Elmwood worked on the original branding for Debbie & Andrew’s and was approached by the couple again to work on Heck.

Andrew Lawrence, creative director at Elmwood says, ‘The original branding we created for Debbie & Andrew’s was quite traditional and featured wellies – and we found that a lot of people in the market started going down a similar route with the ‘look it’s come from a farm’ branding.’

He adds, ‘For Heck we wanted to go in a new direction. It is minimalistic and we were inspired by revivalism.’

The premium brand sausages, manufactured by the family in north Yorkshire are aimed at younger consumers. The brightly coloured website includes character illustrations of pigs, hot air balloons and chickens.

Andrew Keeble, says, ‘We worked with Elmwood from the conception stage of the brand and their input has helped us create a unique and striking design and concept that I feel will really resonate and stand out in today’s market.’

Lawrence, who has used uncoated card and muted colours, says, ‘We wanted the brand to be single-minded – one of discernment and provenance. Considering the recent controversy across the food sector there needs to be a bigger believability about meat’.

Heck range
Heck range

There are eight flavours in Heck’s sausage range, each with their own block colour packaging design. Three of these eight flavours launch this week in Tesco’s and online at Ocado. They will be sold in packs of six and will retail for £2.99.

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  • MrsS November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I miss the original A &D sausages. Sorry but Heck are not in the same league. They are mushy with weird skins. Hope they improve.

  • Paula November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    They are certainly not in the same league you are right, they are fantastic. They are utterly juicy no chewy skin, I usually have to de skin my sausages but not these. Am delighted that something so simple can at long last be so tasty but not chewy. Well done

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