Elmwood repackages Morrisons tea

Morrisons is rolling out new packaging for its own-brand tea range, with designs by Elmwood.

Darjeeling M Signature tea
Darjeeling M Signature tea

The new designs are being introduced across a range of more than 40 varieties of tea.

A number of new speciality tea lines, including Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon, are being introduced under the M Signature brand, while new flavoured teas are being brought in under the Fruit & Herbal Infusions range.

Berry Blitz with Echinacea
Pure Peppermint tea

Morrisons says its design manager Christian DiLauro worked with Elmwood to develop the packaging designs.

Flavoured teas feature hand-drawn illustrations of ingredients floating into tea cups, while the M Signature teas feature intricate embossed designs.

Berry Blitz with Echinacea
Berry Blitz with Echinacea

Morrisons says the designs have been developed to help the range stand out on-shelf. Charlotte Dewhurst, strategic brand manager at Morrisons, says, ‘We want to introduce our customers to new tea flavours and varieties.’

Berry Blitz with Echinacea
Tropical Fruit Twist
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  • Peter Crolla November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This is just absolutely disgraceful!!! Morrisons are £2.2 Billion in debt, and they spending money like it is going out of fashion on re-branding items that hardly anyone will buy.

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