Which iconic event would you like to see brought back and why?

Kindred Agency has designed a Swiss Modernist-inspired identity for The Milk Race, a cycle race popular in the 1980s, which has been revived by The Dairy Council and Milk Marketing Forum. Which iconic event would you like to see brought back and why?

How Nick Scott imagines the Rous Cup might look
How Nick Scott imagines the Rous Cup might look

The Rous Cup, an international football competion involving England and Scotland (formerly the British Home Championship). Not so much that we are necessarily chomping at the bit to see it, but given the current debate over Scottish devolution, perhaps bringing back The Rous cup may help settle the issue. As much as anything we’d like to see it because we wanted to suggest a logo based on the 1977 Wembley pitch invasion when the tartan army broke the crossbar and took the spoils back to Scotland.

Nick Scott, Creative Partner, Studio Hansa.

Ian Wormleighton

I would reinstate the Apollo missions but to really enjoy them we’d need to turn our technology back to 1972 as well! As a child I remember gathering as a family, in front of our old black and white TV, to watch excitedly as the enormity of what was being achieved unfolded on each mission. As technology has increasingly become an integral part of our everyday lives, and children don’t think twice about doing a video call to their mates on the other side of the world, so much of that excitement at breaking new frontiers seems to have been lost. 

Ian Wormleighton, creative director, Red Bee Media

Richard Scholey

Having shouted out the question across the studio the responses ranged from “the great British summer” to “Topless Darts”, neither of which made the cut. What makes an event iconic? An event that stirs national pride, features outstanding human endeavor, is visually spectacular, and although it makes you smile it drives the commentator to tears. It can only mean one thing, Jeux Sans Frontières (international ‘It’s a Knockout’). Who doesn’t want to see a Belgian bloke dressed as a lobster firing a water cannon at a bunch of human condiment sets on a rotating dinner plate? I do. Bring it back. Now.

Richard Scholey, creative director, The Chase

Rob Self-Pierson

I’d love to see Waltham Abbey’s community day explode back into life. As a boy, I got stuck in to this celebration of togetherness and show of pride every year. Facebook, Twitter, email – they’re great. But there’s nothing like marching through your hometown with your schoolmates, dressed in clothes you’ve helped design, holding signs you’ve helped paint, singing songs you’ve helped write. Not iconic enough? Then let’s bring back the Ancient Olympics. Because who wouldn’t want to see Usain Bolt try to break the ten-second barrier dressed for war?

Rob Self-Pierson, writer and consultant

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