How do you get your creativity back if you’re feeling uninspired?

How do you get your creativity back if you’re  feeling uninspired?

Emily Evans

‘I am often inspired by deep research, so when in feeling uninspired I usually go down to a library and hunt around looking at books and photocopying lots of things. I really need to get out of the studio and looking to start some inspiration happening, finding new textures really inspires me and that is intrinsically linked to photocopying for me. I find I am often most inspired at Brixton Library, I like the building its books and its quiet murmurs.’

Emily Evans, illustrator

Marcroy Eccleston Smith

‘When I need to get a hit of inspiration, I generally surround myself with the things which make me tick and remind myself of the reasons behind why I do what I do. Being around other creative people, getting ideas flowing and bouncing them off each other is always a nice way to get things started. Music, nice biscuits, a beer and beef jerky generally change my mood for the better.’

Marcroy Eccleston Smith, founder, People of Print

Adrain Burton

‘If you need an idea, I can give you one. If you want a good one, you might have to wait and I’ll get back to you. Ideas need time and space to formulate. Be patient. Take a break. Pick up a good book, escape to the garden and get a good night’s sleep. Let your brain quietly work on the problem. Inspiration by definition is a rare moment. It occurs suddenly. Often without warning. Trust me, trust yourself. It’ll come. Just be ready when it does.’

Adrian Burton, executive creative director, Lambie-Nairn

Jon Daniel

‘From the very start of my professional creative career, I’ve always maintained personal projects that I would be involved in alongside it. I’ve found that the more things you work on creatively, the more they cross-fertilise and help inspire each other. In terms of a unlocking a creative block my golden rules have always been to either change the medium, the message, the audience, or the environment. Or just think how you would treat it as a different product within a different sector. It never fails to help you think differently and usually does the trick.’

Jon Daniel, independent creative director

Benji Holroyd

‘I feel most inspired and creative when I’m out and frustratingly when I’m a long way from a  computer, pen, paper etc.  So when I hit that ‘block’ on a project, I simply down tools and go for a walk. (Insert clear mind / positive thinking quote here).’

Benji Holroyd, creative director, SB Studio

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  • C G November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    A favourite quote of a employer I worked with was:

    ‘Thinking Time is Design Time’

    Although I hated hearing it constantly, I always appreciated the fact (& more now) that it was true.

    Too often do I sit at meetings with the client expecting an immediate result – or worse – the employer (who should know better) who fail to factor in Adrian’s comments especially when it comes to the most important part of the job….

    …the idea!

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