Five Foot Six brands climber Leo Houlding

Five Foot Six has designed the identity for world-leading rock climber and base jumper Leo Houlding.

The consultancy previously branded Formtalent, Houlding’s agent, so won the business on recommendation in December 2008.

‘It took such a long time simply because he was normally up a mountain without e-mail,’ says Algy Batten, partner at Five Foot Six.

The climber has requested an identity in anticipation of becoming a more public-facing figure, following a sponsorship by Berghaus and the prospect of more TV work.

Houlding, who has achieved many climbing firsts and stars in his own TV show, Take Me To The Edge, stipulated the identity was to have a generic and corporate feel and needed to be clean, simple and bold. His brief also stated, ‘I don’t want it to be too “extreme sports gnarly, man”.’

Batten adds, ‘It needed to be something that could be developed into other things, like a clothing brand.’

The logo (pictured) takes its cue from a mountain peak, with an indent to represent the ‘L’ of Leo. Batten says, ‘It’s a bold graphic symbol and can be used in its own right.’

The identity may be used away from the climbing and outdoor arena, according to Batten, who says, ‘It will need to work in various contexts.’

The climber will start to use the identity this week and the logo will be incorporated into a new website being designed by Web developer Will Padley.


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