Landor’s Giovannoni makes the case for female executives

Cheryl Giovannoni, European president of Landor Associates, says new leadership qualities, which many believe are more prevalent in women, could come to the fore in the recession.

Writing in the forthcoming issue of Design Week, Giovannoni says, ‘Qualities that have been most prized in our business leaders during the past 60 consecutive quarters of growth offer few surprises: acute ambition; single-minded bloody-minded drive and determination; risk takers with hard-nosed instincts for “cutting the deal”; leaders who inspired with their magnetism and control-and-command style.’

She adds that in the recessionary landscape, other qualities that may come to the fore are, ‘A greater sense of caution when assessing risk; flexibility; integrity and sensitivity; more hands-on management; greater transparency. Qualities that many believe are more prevalent in women.’

Read Giovannoni’s comments in full in tomorrow’s issue of Design Week.

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  • Stewart November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    What a wonderful new transform and transcend USP – just don’t shout about this in the Middle East!

    I’m a dinkum bloke with many of the qualities more prevalent in females. Should I be worried?

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