Precedent creates RSPCA lobbying microsite

Precedent has created the identity, content and structure of Political Animal, an RSPCA website designed to lobby Members of the European Parliament ahead of the European Elections on 4 June.

The microsite will precede a full website – also designed by Precedent – which is expected to launch in autumn.

Rostered consultancy Precedent submitted a proposal for the microsite, which was accepted in March. Tasked with raising the profile of animal testing, labelling of animal products and transportation of animals, Precedent devoted a section of the site to each topic, using video, and a regional map of the UK to show MEP candidates standing in each region.

‘We’ve made the look and the graphic treatment as clean as possible, which is not what you’d expect for the RSPCA,’ says David Curless, Precedent design director.

The site is expected to go live by the end of the week.


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  • Andrew Meads November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Sadly this seems to be just another piece of rspca animal rights political propoganda. Their Animal Welfare Act has failed as we see more abandonment, cruelty and dog fighting than ever before. There is no provision in the Act for responsibility or more to the point accountability. Animals are NOT protected from firework injury death or trauma and we still see the pet charity the rspca undertaking private prosecutions and trying to legislate in areas of animal welfare they no little or nothing about.
    Sadly the truth hurts and the media are blinded by AR hype.

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