Red Bee creates latest UKTV rebrand Really

UKTV launches its lifestyle channel Really today, with branding and design by Red Bee Media.

Formerly called UKTV Gardens, the repositioned channel is aimed at young women, offering programmes including Under the Knife and the Rachel Zoe Project.

Red Bee has created a Pop Art-inspired channel identity, and a tagline which reads, ‘Really. You couldn’t make it up.’

Four cartoon idents that are intended to emulate Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s graphic style show situations which prompt the responses ‘Really?’ or ‘Really!’. The idents are called Surgeon, Café, Changing Room and Park Bench.

In Café, a woman makes eye-contact with a man drinking coffee, and starts imagining him as her knight in shining armour. But in the final shot the man’s boyfriend joins him.

Red Bee has also created endboards, break bumpers, an on-screen presentation system, promotional kit and launch promo, as well as a website for the channel,

Really is UKTV’s ninth and penultimate channel rebrand.

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  • Sharon Wilkinson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I am very disappointed with the discontinuation of UKTV Gardens. The needs of the average UK TV Gardens are not met by this new channel. We don’t want to watch mothers breast feeding nine year olds. I am told that you conducted a survey amongst 90,000 18-35 year olds. How ageist!!! Do you know how many people are into gardening? The growth in gardening is vast – with garden centres packed. I imagine you conducted the survey from the same group of people that make up the guests on the Jeremy Kyle show with all its’ ill educated social misfits. I have just paid for Sky having been with Virgin. Now I am not getting what I am paying for. Shame on you for ignoring us all. You will get many complaints. Then again perhaps you won’t because I just submitted a comment on the other site and was rudely told (twice) ‘Sorry it appears you failed Maths’. No – you did because of it adds up to any of my friends, family and colleagues. I assure you my additions were correct. How very arrogant and rude you are.

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