Consultancies collaborate on mobile Puma ‘pop out’ shop

Consultancies Eat Sleep Work/Play, Inventory Studio and The Klassnik Corporation have worked together to create a travelling ‘pop out’ shop for Puma.

PR group 15 Minutes commissioned the consultancies to create the Rewind Forward pop-out vehicle, a customised lorry that will travel round the country showcasing the Puma archive (initial concept design pictured).

According to 15 Minutes, the lorry will initially represent the brand in the 1970s, before being reskinned to represent the 1980s.

Seating, storage, TV screens and a projector will all pop out of the vehicle when it stops, while the insides of the vehicle will be decked out in images and products taken from Puma’s archive. The vehicle will feature music curated by DJ Moneyshot.

Once popped out, elements of the vehicle can be used as seating and tables, or as sculptures.

The Rewind Forward project launches in July and will visit locations in London, Manchester and Liverpool, as well as various festival locations.

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