Dalton Maag creates challenger font to ‘over-hyped’ Helvetica

Typeface design consultancy Dalton Maag has created a font that it claims will compete with what the consultancy calls ‘the over-hyped’ Helvetica.

The Aktiv Grotesk typeface was created by Dalton Maag font designer Fabio Haag with managing director Bruno Maag and senior designer Ron Carpenter. The modernist, sans serif typeface is available from 6 to 60 points.

‘I have been working with Aktiv Grotesk pre-launch and found that its roots are in the Modernist camp, but there are moments when you think you recognise a familiar character shape – however, when you look again you realise you are looking at something new,’ says Sea Design partner Bryan Edmondson.

The OpenType font has four weights, from light to bold, with matching obliques and at launch supports more than 100 Latin-based languages.

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