Farrow rebrands printing company Moore

Farrow has rebranded printer Moore, and is working on its new website, while Ico Design has created a book to showcase the company.

Farrow started working on the rebrand around a year ago, according to senior designer Gary Stillwell. He says the consultancy, which has been a client of Moore for some time, was appointed directly. Stillwell says, ’The brief was quite open.

Moore had just bought in quite a lot of digital equipment so it wanted to show the benefits of it.’ He adds, ’When we were thinking about the new identity [pictured] the word multifaceted” came up a lot – we wanted to investigate the idea of a single logo made up from multiple facets.

’Being a printer, this gives Moore a chance to show what it can do – it could foil-block it in seven different colours, for example.’ Farrow has also designed a website for Moore, which is set to launch imminently.

Meanwhile, in a separate project, Ico Design, also a Moore client, has created a book (pictured) which will be sent out to clients, which highlights the printer’s digital capabilities. Entitled A Natural Selection, the book uses a Darwinian theme to position digital technology as a natural evolution in print.

It uses illustrations supplied by the Natural History Museum and Getty Images, and photographs by Susan Middleton. Ico Design senior designer Vivek Bhatia says, ’We wanted to avoid traditional shots of workshops and so on.

The Darwinian theme is intended to symbolise the evolution of print.’

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