Taxi Studio in digital and branding work for TV production company

Bristol consultancy Taxi Studio is working on new branding and a website for TV production company Monastic Productions.

Monastic Productions was formed in 2006 by scriptwriters Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, who have worked on TV shows including Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Wild at Heart and Where the Heart is.

Taxi Studio was appointed directly to the work a fortnight ago, based on a recommendation, according to creative director Spencer Buck.

Buck says that the consultancy will work on developing Monastic’s brand identity, and will develop a website in conjunction with a digital consultancy. The work is set to go live by autumn.

He says, ‘The website is obviously the medium to meet the fans’ needs and build word-of-mouth within the TV community.

‘Matt [Graham] already spends hours on Twitter and other sites talking to thousands of fans. We’ll be looking into ways to simplify and reduce the man-hours involved in creating this kind of content, while balancing the need to keep fans informed and excited about the TV shows currently running, and the shows and feature films now in development.’

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