The Core creates yoghurt-inspired laundry packaging

The Core has taken inspiration from probiotic yoghurt drinks in creating packaging for a new laundry product called Boost Your Wash.

Brand-owner Challs International appointed The Core last autumn on the strength of the consultancy’s previous work for the cleaning products manufacturer.

Boost Your Wash can be added to washes to enhance the action of normal detergents.

‘We wanted it to feel more like a little helper than a stain remover, so we deliberately distanced ourselves from the “scientific” swooshes, molecules and atomic-era colours which dominate that category,’ says The Core creative partner Andy Briscoe.

‘The laundry cues are all there – the clothes, the open-air freshness, the burst of sunlight – but they come together in a new, contemporary illustrative style,’ he adds.

The bottle’s low, stocky shape is intended to give it an air of ‘the little hero’ and reference other ‘small but powerful’ products like probiotics and energy shots, according to the consultancy.

Boost Your Wash is launching to consumers later this year via a national TV advertising campaign.

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