WWF and Tetra Pak in hunt for Green ideas

Tetra Pak and WWF UK have launched a competition to generate ideas that encourage the public to buy environmentally friendly products.

The Your Renewable Idea brief challenges entrants to develop ideas that promote goods made from renewable sources, including responsibly managed forests and renewable energy.

Ideas could include public education campaigns, new pieces of software, websites or packaging.

Entrants must submit their idea in 500 words or less via the campaign’s website, which can be found at www.renewableidea.co.uk. The winner will be chosen by a public vote on the site and will be awarded £25 000 to develop their proposal.

The competition has been organised by Tetra Pak and WWF UK after a YouGov survey showed that although 82 per cent of adults thought that their actions could make a difference to the environment, only 61 per cent said that impact on the environment was an important factor when shopping for food.

Tetra Pak UK director of environment and communications Rupert Maitland-Titterton says, ‘Our partnership with WWF aims to help people understand what renewable means, why it matters and how they can really make a difference.’

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