Breeze Creative designs whisky packaging

Breeze Creative has created packaging for a new blended malt Scotch whisky for Scottish whisky distributor AD Rattray.


The consultancy started working on the project at the end of last year and was appointed because of a longstanding relationship with AD Rattray.

Breeze Creative was briefed to create a packaging design that could be flexible, so it could be easily changed for each batch to give information about the whiskies that have been used in the blend, says Breeze Creative founder Craig Mackinlay.

Rattray’s Selection Batch No 1 will be targeted predominately at the US market, and so many of the design features, such as an open-backed box, have been created to suit US legal requirements.

Breeze Creative selected a mixture of modern and traditional typefaces, such as Engravers, using a black, white and copper palette.

Mackinlay says, ‘We chose a bright copper foil to stand out from everyone else, who mostly use gold and silver. The copper gives a rich, premium quality.’

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