Control over nature

Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin is not a name that trips off the tongue but you’ll have undoubtedly heard some of his music. Gamers will have tuned into his sample-laden pieces in Tom Clancy’ Splinter Cell, but Tobin’s music has also been used in films The Italian Job and 21, and frequently on BBC TV show Top Gear.

Tobin releases his eighth studio album Isam today, a record that lies somewhere between psychedelic, art, and sound design. To celebrate its release, Tobin has planned an audio-visual feast which will appeal to a much broader audience than his music alone.

by Tessa Farmer
by Tessa Farmer

Tobin has collaborated with sculptor Tessa Farmer, whose organic pieces are constructed from bits of  roots, insect carcasses and bones and can be found in the Saatchi Gallery, to produce a show that open’s at London’s The Crypt Gallery on Wednesday. The show will combine Farmer’s eerie sculptures and Tobin’s sound design to create an impressive space. Watch a preview of the show below.

Amon Tobin and Tessa Farmer: Isam Control Over Nature Installation runs from 26 May-5 June at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London NW1.

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