Curious brands music agency Satellite

Curious has created new branding for music booking agency Satellite, which represents artists including Bananarama, Heaven 17 and Rick Astley.


The consultancy was appointed directly to the work around a month ago, according to Curious partner Gary Smith. The consultancy says it was briefed to create a brand ‘that looked both contemporary and was able to accommodate the fantastically diverse range of musical talent that Satellite represents’.

As well as representing 1980s stars, the Satellite also looks after punk artists such as Captain Sensible and Glen Matlock and contemporary acts including Two Spot Gobi.

Curious has developed an identity which sees two radar shapes placed around the Satellite name; these shapes can house a variety of images. Smith says, ‘The identity is quite organic and flexible. Satellite can tailor the background images to reflect the clients they are approaching.’

Jack Gray, director of Satellite, says, ‘Curious has completely captured the way Satellite Agency wanted to be seen within our agency as well as maintaining a professional and slick look which is perfect for our corporate clientele.’

The new identity is being applied across collateral including business cards, T-shirts and pin badges, and a website that Curious will continue to develop.

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