Digital artist sought for Ron Arad Roundhouse installation

A competition has been launched to find a digital artist to design and programme a series of interactive projections for Ron Arad’s Curtain Call installation at London’s Roundhouse.

Curtain Call, which will run from 9-29 August, will centre around an Arad-designed curtain made from 5600 silicon rods suspended from an 18m-diameter ring in the Roundhouse’s Main Space.

This will act as a canvas for films, live performances and audience interaction.

Arts-funding charity Ideas Tap and the Roundhouse are now seeking a digital artist to develop a series of interactive projections to be broadcast during the event.

The competition is open to people aged between 16 and 30 and the deadline is 7 June. For more information and to apply visit

The competition organisers say, ‘Projections can bring together movement, music, visuals and physical sensation. As the exhibition uses sensor technology, visitors are able to directly influence the projections by using their movement and touch. We want big, bold and interactive ideas.’

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