GJ Creative revamps Truly Irresistible Co-op range

Manchester-based consultancy GJ Creative has created the new identity, packaging and brand guidelines for the Co-operative’s premium Truly Irresistible range.


Sarah Wells, account team manager at GJ Creative, says the consultancy has worked to highlight the premium nature of the Truly Irresistible range.

She says, ‘The Co-operative was using the name before, but it was in the Helvetica font and below the main identity, almost as a sub-head. Research showed that people weren’t identifying Truly Irresistible products as the premium range.’

GJ Creative, which is on the Co-op’s roster, was appointed to the work in September 2010 and has developed a new identity and brand guidelines for the range.

The new packaging designs are going on shelf this week, and a TV advertising campaign by TBWAManchester is also breaking.

The Truly Irresistible range covers 400 products, with 50 new products launching for 2011.

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