Making things move

Ahead of the Barbican Art Gallery’s Watch Me Move animation exhibition next month, Red Bee Media has created some charming branding for the show inspired by some of the discipline’s most-loved characters.

Appointed to the project in April, Red Bee Media has created a trailer that shows a range of characters, including Disney darlings and Studio Ghibli pigs, dancing across the screen as though one constantly morphing beast.

Red Bee design director Richard Sutton says, ‘We wanted to get across the magic of animation. We didn’t want to just show someone walking from left to right. With animation you can be anywhere, you can be two places at once.’

To accompany the trailer, which will be seen in cinemas from July, Red Bee Media also created a flip-book featuring the same identity. Sutton says, ‘It was really exciting as we don’t usually do print.’

The Watch Me Move flick-book
The Watch Me Move flick-book

It’s a step away from the TV identity that Red Bee Media is traditionally known for, but Sutton says that the consultancy is increasingly asked by companies outside the TV sphere to work on their branding projects.

He says, ‘We increasingly working with organisation to try and make them act like media brands, because of all the convergence in media. We’re working with brands that don’t want to be restricted.’

Watch Me Move runs from 15 June-11 September at the Barbican Art Gallery.

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