Top 100 survey shows design industry has returned to growth

The total fee-income from all Design Week Top 100 consultancies has risen by 14 per cent this year to stand at £411m.

This follows a 13 per cent drop reported last year.

Staff numbers have grown by 9 per cent, compared with a 39 per cent drop last year. In their analysis of the results, Kingston Smith W1 partner Amanda Merron and manager Terrence Bourne say that as fee-income has grown more than staff numbers, efficiency has increased across the design industry.

Merron and Bourne describe the Top 100 results as ‘surprisingly good’.

Like last year, design consultancies are bullish about the future. A total of 32 groups have predicted a fee-income rise of 20 per cent or more over the next year. Last year, 31 groups predicted such a rise.

To see the results and analysis in full, and to find out who topped the chart, see the Top 100 supplement with tomorrow’s issue of Design Week.

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