Wonder brands online art magazine Cassone

Wonder Associates has created a new identity and website for online art magazine Cassone.


The consultancy was appointed to the project six months ago after it was recommended to Cassone editor Sue Ward and production director Frances Follin following projects for Manchester Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Foundation.

The brief was to create an aesthetically pleasing site that was easy to navigate and, essentially for a text-heavy site, was pleasing to read, says Follin.

Wonder Associates created a logo using serif typeface Georgia – the same typeface used for the site’s body copy – and an icon representing a stack of magazines and the turning of a page.

The consultancy has also created a range of icons to represent sections of the website including Perspectives, Featured Reviews, Arts & Artists and Around the Galleries.

Wonder Associates creative director Rob Fowler says, ‘[The icons] label the visitor’s journey through a multiply effect – the colours overlap, forming new colours, allowing Cassone’s brand personality to shine through.’

The site itself is constructed using a 12-column grid, to echo online newspapers and magazines, and creates the freedom to present different-sized images without cropping them and include advertising on the site, says Fowler.

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