A loud identity for the Jamie Oliver Better Food Foundation

Pearlfisher has designed the branding for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Better Food Foundation charity.

Better Food Foundation identity
Better Food Foundation identity

The charity aims raise awareness about issues surrounding food, help keep cooking skills alive and ‘inspire people to reconnect with food’, according to Oliver.

The consultancy has previously worked on packaging for the Jamie Oliver retail masterbrand range, including food, cook and kitchenware, crockery, outdoor entertaining and gifting ranges.

Pearlfisher was tasked with creating the strategy, name, tone of voice and brand identity.

Better Food Foundation branding applications
Better Food Foundation branding applications

Much of the charity’s work is focused on changing the way people eat to lessen diet-related problems such as obesity and heart disease. As such, Pearlfisher says it needed to create a ‘clear yet versatile tone of voice’ for the foundation in order to best convey its messages to many different audiences.

The branding uses a megaphone icon to symbolise a ‘call to action’, according to Pearlfisher. This is used in a number of different colourerd iterations to display different messages.

Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher creative director, says, ‘The use of strong, vibrant colours conveys the energy and passion of the people involved and reflects Jamie Oliver’s own relentless commitment and focus on the cause.

‘This is an identity that needs to be acknowledged at both a grassroots and corporate level. Therefore the identity is both serious and accessible, bold, celebratory, confident and inclusive.’

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