A new look for baking brand Betty Crocker

Home-baking brand Betty Crocker is to launch a new website designed by Bristol-based consultancy Omni Digital, following on from new brand positioning and packaging created by The Collaborators.

Betty Crocker products
New Betty Crocker packaging

The Collaborators’ designs began to roll-out in October, and the consultancy says these reference Betty Crocker’s ‘1950s hey-day’, creating a ‘modern-retro interpretation’ of the brand, which centres on the fictional eponymous female character.

Omni Digital was appointed to the work by Betty Crocker parent brand General Mills, and researched the brand’s history and spoke to baking bloggers to inform the website designs. The website looks to echo The Collaborators’ work, using the new positioning and designs.

Rachel Wood, director at The Collaborators, says, ‘We decided to position Betty as a baking brand for women that delivers effortless baking pleasure and won’t let you down.’

The new Betty Crocker website
The new Betty Crocker website

The new site, which launches on 21 December, will feature film, video and archive content. The new television channel shows the brand’s YouTube videos and also uses archive footage, with radio clips dating back to the 1920s, with suggested products aligned with the films that feature them.

Omni Digital also created an animated timeline that allows users to scroll down and read about Betty Crocker’s history.

Sam Hearn, digital producer at Omni Digital, says, ‘We spent a long time looking into the history of the brand, which goes right back to the 1920s. The feminine personality was an important part of the design, and it’s aimed at a female audience.’

He adds, ‘For the look and feel, we wanted crumbs on the edges – it was important to have those imperfect lines and not just a series of boxes.’

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