A new look for New Look

Retailer New Look has unveiled a new identity and a retail concept based on interaction and added content at its store at London’s Marble Arch.

The new identity
The new identity

All of the technology-led design work has been carried out in-house, according to New Look, which will integrate a phase two of the design in December.

Checkland Kindleysides designed the identity and also a store concept which has so far rolled out to 62 stores and will reach 140 by April next year.

Inside the Marble Arch store
Inside the Marble Arch store

Branding at the Marble Arch store sees the previous hand-drawn logo replaced by a block capital identity.

In-store, ‘a premium and boutique feel’ has been coupled with point of sale tablets to help customers find items they have viewed online.

Inside the Marble Arch store
Inside the Marble Arch store

In addition, mannequins, or ‘padequins’ with iPads for heads will feature the faces of customers who have been voxpopped by New Look in an effort to ‘engage and surprise customers’.

Tablet on mannequin's head greets customers
A ‘Padequin’ greets customers

Dressed only in clothing available exclusively from newlook.com, the mannequins have been designed to increase the presence of the website in-store.

Bippar app engages with point of sale for Kelly Brook's range
Bippar app engages with point of sale for Kelly Brook’s range

Other point of sale material is enabled with the augmented reality app Blippar. Customers can ‘blipp’ to load rich media content enabling them to ‘try on Kelly Brook’s nail varnish range’, have their photo taken with her, or listen to her talk about the range, according to New Look.

Kelly Brook at the Marble Arch launch
Kelly Brook at the Marble Arch launch

A Bodymetric booth, which was trialled in New Look’s Westfield store, has been installed in the Marble Arch store. It uses ‘body-mapping technology’ to scan customers’ body shape and make fitting recommendations based on figure rather than dress size.

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  • Richard de Pesando November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    rm….. everything you need to know about ‘in-house’ driving creativity rather than implementing it.

    That sounds very dismissive, I’ve worked in this sector for 20 years and there are many exceptional design professionals working in-house in UK retail – but I can’t begin to defend this, I’m struggling to find it.

  • Elenor Edwards November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Designed in-house? I thought this was a Checkland Kindleysides concept, have they been dropped?

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