AKQA creates World Wildlife Fund’s first iPad app

AKQA’s Washington DC office has created an iPad app for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

WWF Together iPad App
WWF Together iPad App

The app, entitled WWF Together, uses origami animals and portraits shot by environment photographer Morten Koldby to help users learn more about endangered species.

There are eight different animals in the series including whales, elephants, rhinos and the iconic WWF panda. By clicking on the portraits users can access editorial conccnte, videos, photography, facts and downloadable origami folding instructions.

WWF Together iPad App
WWF Together iPad App

Once each story has been completed, users can then share animated origami animal videos with friends via social networks and email.

WWF Together iPad App
WWF Together iPad App

The app also utilises the iPad’s location-based services, showing how far users are from 60 different species around the world.

WWF Panda
WWF Panda

The free app can be downloaded now from the iTunes store.

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  • Rachel Werning November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Why not just do it as a website?

    Barely 25% of Americans have a tablet and there is nothing in this app that couldn’t be done just as well in a site.

    I hate this kind of thing.

    Design agencies in a circle jerk, patting themselves on the back for an inept answer to a real world problem.

    Real design is about finding elegant solutions to real world problems, and one of those problems is how do we get the message to the right audience.

    Instantly eliminating 70% of the market is breathtakingly stupid.

    And even then, why should I download this to my tablet? I have 14 apps on my tablet, and about twice that on my phone – the ones that aren’t games are utilities like Facebook or twitter.

    Why would I crowd that with another vanity app?

    This really should have been conceived as a website.

  • Stephen Mortimer November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I hope the spelling mistake has been fixed

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