Anthony Burrill’s LA printing adventures

As with many things associated with LA, Colby Printing Co.’s work is bold, brash and brilliant.

Colby Printing Co.
Prints at the Colby Printing Co

The poster printing company is a family-run business in downtown Los Angeles, now in its 66th year. Still using traditional printing methods, the company prides itself on its retina-singeing colour-ways and ability to straddle the worlds of high art and low culture.

Colby Printing Co.
Messing around at Colby Printing Co Photography: Davi Sing Liu

This week sees east London’s KK Outlet celebrating the output of the studio, in a show curated by graphic artist Anthony Burrill.

Colby Printing Co.
‘We are all in this together’ Photography: Davi Sing Liu

Burrill has scoured the Colby archive to put together the show, which organisers dub ‘flurotastic’. They’re not wrong.

Colby Printing Co.
‘The heart wants what the heart wants’ Photography: Davi Sing Liu

Over the years the studio has worked with such diverse clients as Parisian fashion store Colette; and more salt-of-the-earth projects such as steam fairs, For Sale signs, and even campaigns for local governors.

Colby Printing Co.
Printing press Photography: Davi Sing Liu

As well as showcasing the brightness and breadth of the Colby output, a series of photographs documenting the madcap behind-the-scenes goings on at the studio will also be on display.

Colby Printing Co.
Made in LA Photography: Davi Sing Liu

Burrill has also designed a limited-edition run of prints for the show, printed – of course- by Colby.

Made in L.A – work by Colby Poster Printing Co. runs from 5 – 27 October at KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, London N1


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