Arthur London rebrands Samaritans

Charity Samaritans is set to launch a new identity, which is being developed by Arthur London.


The new identity is set to launch in September, and while the Samaritans wordmark (pictured) will remain in place, new supporting graphic and branding devices will be introduced.

Rachel Kirby-Rider, executive director of fundraising and communications at Samaritans, says, ‘We felt the logo looked very establishment and we wanted to mess it up a bit.’

The rebrand will see the logo adapted with, for example brackets or rings or other drawings around it. Kirby-Ryder says, ‘We wanted to introduce an element of doodling, like you would do on the phone – like someone taking down the Samaritans phone number.’

Other branding devices being introduced will include a sepia background tone and a new hand-cut headline typeface.

Kirby-Rider says the rebrand is being introduced ‘to look at barriers towards people initiating dialogue with us’.

She says it was also important for Samaritans to position themselves as a charity, and differentiate themselves from Government-funded services.

Kirby-Rider says, ‘People often think we’re funded by Government and don’t realise we’re a charity funded by donations.’

Samaritans has worked with Arthur London for a number of years on campaigns and other projects.

The new identity is set to launch on 20 September.

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