BBC launches iPlayer Radio

The BBC has launched iPlayer Radio and has also redesigned the homepages for nearly all its radio stations.

BBC Radio Homepage
BBC Radio Homepage

The iPlayer Radio service will be available as a new smartphone app and also online through the individual radio station sites and the new radio homepage at

It will offer catch-up services and access to on-demand radio, as well as clips, videos and downloads.

The smartphone app, features a touchscreen dial that allows users to access all 57 BBC radio stations, as well as an alarm clock that lets listeners wake up to their favourite station.

New homepages and mobile websites for individual radio stations have also been launched.

BBC Radio 4 homepage
BBC Radio 4 homepage

A new BBC Radio homepage has been introduced, which Andrew Scott, head of radio and music and audience-facing services at BBC Future Media, says is ‘a deliberately bold move to radical simplicity’.

The page allows users to quickly access homepages for each section, as well as categories, and, says, Scott, ‘is our first foray into responsive design’.

The iPlayer sites and app are rolling out this week.

BBC Radio 4 homepage
BBC Radio 1 homepage
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  • Hana Peg November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    BAD. A huge step back. Too many more steps to get to what you want, sometimes really frustrating. Bad organization. It seems that the developer did not study how people use the site. I feel sorry for older people or people with older computers. BBC should have a commitment to trying to make things accessible to ALL people. On the visual side – this was done by developers, not by – or in collaboration with – designers. Ugly “glowing” graphics that have infected all things digital (and beyond). And the gloomy homepage without any info! (You used to be able to see right there what is each station broadcasting at the moment.) Knowing how to code does not make a developer into a designer. Most user comments on BBC express the same.

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